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Medical imaging

For a number of years, we have been involved with medical imaging techniques from a research viewpoint. Current research involving augmented reality and simulated surgery has necessitated the development of a number of basic modules for accessing and manipulating medical image data from CT or MRI scanners.

In this section of the site, we have links to a number of utility applications, which may be downloaded and used freely for any purpose. Follow the links in the sections below for more information and downloads....

DICOM directory (DICOMDIR) viewer
A set of image slices from a CT or MRI scanner are commonly stored in DICOM format. Part of the DICOM format allows a group of files (per patient, per study etc.) to be accessed more easily via what is known as a DICOM Directory. This is a single file - usually named just 'DICOMDIR' - which contains both data about the patient and the scanner parameters used, and also references to the individual image slices which make up the complete scan.

As our medical imaging research is based on producing 3D reconstructions from sets of image slices, we typically access data saved to CD from the hospital scanner in DICOMDIR format. In developing and testing these DICOM routines, we have developed a small but useful utility, which will open and display images in 2D from this DICOM data... more

Click here to read more about our free DICOMDIR viewer or here to download the executable.

3D volume viewer
As part of a joint initiative with Dr. Rudy Lapeer from the School of Computing Sciences at the University of East Anglia, we have developed a PC-based volume rendering application, called 3DView.

This application takes advantage of the high power of today's consumer graphics cards to render volumetric data, for example from CT or MRI scans. The software can use 2D or 3D texturing, according to the capability of the graphics card, which is detected at run time... more

Click here to read more about our free 3D volume viewer or here to download the executable.

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