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Current and previous clients

The following list shows the range of clients, both big and small, for whom we have provided software development, website maintenance, technical publications or IT consultancy services since 1997.

Alphabetical client list
  • Advanced Surgical Concepts
  • Apress
  • Artistic Freedom Limited
  • Azura Group Limited
  • CeTurn Limited
  • Conservation Services
  • Contship Containerlines Limited
  • Cottrell Brickwork Ceramic Limited
  • DRP Medical Services Limited
  • Foxwood Ceramics Limited
  • GE Capital IT
  • i-analysis Limited
  • Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust
  • Jones Lang LaSalle (Frankfurt)
  • Marsh (United Kingdom)
  • Mercer (United Kingdom)
  • Millennium Business Technology
  • Nnable Limited
  • Random Order Limited
  • ROWA Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Science Systems (now CODA)
  • Sedgwick Group (now part of Marsh)
  • sentri Limited
  • Sunderland Royal Hospital
  • Visual Systems Journal
  • University of East Anglia
  • University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Wrox Press Limited

All trade names, trademarks or registered names in the above list remain the property of their respective owners.

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